GYM Reborn

Members of the Guanellian Youth Movement in Bangalore

Members of the Guanellian Youth Movement in BangaloreBangalore – On the 171st  birthday of our Founder, December 19th, at Guanella Preethi Nivas the GUANELLIAN YOUTH MOVEMENT (GYM) was reborn. It was initiated again, and given new life and vigor by the community. Twenty young boys enrolled as members of GYM. They were once students of the Don Guanella Oratory who are now college age.  The confreres felt the need to guide them after the oratory as they are at a time of need for guidance in different spheres.  They were happy to join the movement and collaborate with our services, expressing their desires on inauguration day. Fr. Gnanaraj headed the informal inaugural function with a prayer service, and encouraged them to ‘arise and shine’ in their lives to be better citizens and exemplary members of society. Fr. Adaikalam will lead the group with the assistance of Bro. Joseph. They promised to learn our charism and share in the mission of our Congregation. They will also be trained in sports such as volleyball and basketball to participate in tournaments as Guanellian Youth. Each member received a team uniform to easily identify them as a group. May God and our Founder bless this new endeavor and bring their purpose to fulfillment.


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