World Special People Day- 2013

Priests and dignitaries distribute awards

“We cannot stop serving as long as there are poor to be assisted and distresses to be relieved.” – St. Louis Guanella

Priests and dignitaries distribute awardsBangalore – December 7th was a special day for Guanella Preethi Nivas as it celebrated World Differently-Abled Day. Guanellian Lay Movement members planned and organized the event, coordinated 500 volunteers from different areas, transported many special people, led the cultural programs, and helped with the Liturgy and food.

On the day of celebration, brothers traveled to different institutions and brought the special people to our house. Around 850 special children came together to sit around the Altar of God. The Mass began at 10 a.m. and was presided over by Rev. Fr. Provincial Superior.

Following Mass, a cultural program was organized by the GLM, and our dignitaries provided gifts to our special people. Mr. U. T. Kadhar spoke and said, “Any power that comes from politics is only temporary, but it is the religious who serve the poor and have their title permanently because it comes from God.” Fr. Soosai Rathinam asked everyone to take special care of the differently-abled and explained how St. Guanella showed caring towards the good children. Sr. Victoria also wished the gathering well and compared her joy to that of St. Guanella in serving the poor.

Finally, the special people climbed on stage and performed dances, skits, and music. Lunch was served to everyone, and the volunteers provided food to the special children.  After that, the special people were taken home to their institutions. GPN became a more grace-filled place because of this gathering of special children who brought special graces from God.


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