Autism Family Support Group with Karen Davila

karen Davila and moms

karen Davila and momsManila – On January 24, 2014, eight mothers attended the Autism Family Support Group facilitated by well-known journalist Karen Davila.

Led by Autism Society Philippines (ASP) Tandang Sora Chapter President Anna Decorina, the eight mothers went to Bridges Foundation in Scout Limbaga, Quezon City to strengthen their ability to care for their children with autism. The Tandang Sora Chapter is geographically based at Guanella Center, but members are all families within Tandang Sora Avenue. During the support group meeting, Davila shared her stories and experiences raising her twelve year old child who has autism.

Tips and effective techniques were taught on how to properly handle children with autism. Sharing of experiences was also conducted that provided more room for emotional reinforcement for the mothers.Karen Davila presents testimony

“Hindi biro ang magkaroon ng anak na may awtismo (It’s not a joke to raise a child who has autism),” Decorina said. Decorina has two sons with autism. She values the family support programs like this very much, they give her strength in raising her children. Decorina added that what families need to give most to their children with autism are “unconditional love, more patience, and understanding.”

So What is Autism?

ASP defines it as “a neurological condition characterized by a variety of mental and behavioral impairments, hence the term Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). These impairments manifest during childhood, so that early detection and intervention is the key to a better and improved quality of life for persons with autism (PWA).”

Get Strengthened! Decorina invites all families that have a child or relative with autism. The ASP empowers parents and families of persons with ASD. Programs are designed to help both the family and the PWA, some of these are: Parent Empowerment, Awareness Campaigns, Training on Handling PWAs, Training of LGU Workers, Siblings’ Workshops, Livelihood Programs for PWAs, Legislative Advocacy, and Family Support Groups.

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