The Ashram Experience of Novices

Novices at Ashram

Novices at AshramBangalore – The word Ashram is an Indian word which originally means ‘religious hermitage’ or in a modern sense ‘spiritual retreat center.’ Ashram is a place of spiritual retreat; usually there are permanent residents and they welcome visitors for an experience. To experience the Ashram way of life as part of their novitiate program, for 10 days four of our novices stayed at Anjali Ashram in Mysore, run by a holy Catholic priest, Fr. Louis. He helped them to realize the intervention of God in their personal life. Through his teachings he also helped them to attain spiritual power. He enkindled the hearts and minds of the novices to heighten their self-realization, to lead a simple way of life and to respect and inherit the spiritual values of other religions. At Anjali Ashram they learned the importance of solitude, virgin silence, beauty of Nature, simple vegetarian food, an austere lifestyle and long hours of personal prayer to enhance one’s religious life.


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