“An Inn for those who have No One”

Mission Exposure Bangalore

Mission Exposure BangaloreBangalore – The Novices of Guanella Preethi Nivas and their Master went to Thalavadi on a mission exposure for one week. The Guanellians at “Nazareth Illam” minister to mentally ill patients with some government aide. The sixty patients came from three different districts of Tamilnadu, where they were picked up from the streets, were unattended, violent and pathetic. The service of Guanellians to these inmates is praised by neighbors and anyone who visits, in fact they are ready to help provide for the needs of the center, because the priests commit themselves to serve them with immense love and live with them as one family. This mission has brought the identity of our institute to the lime light. The four novices were trained in how to serve them before interacting with the inmates; creating a bond with the inmates; some of whom then shared about their families, life stories and explained their journey to Nazareth Illam. Though the inmates do most of the works of the center, it was a time of joy for the novices to be with them, chatting, working, feeding and playing. The medical treatment, loving ambiance of the house, concern, love and care of the fathers cure them. Some of them even recover and return home


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