Communio 2014

Manila – The communities of priests, sisters and brothers of the Servants of Charity, Caritas Sisters of Jesus, Dorothy Sisters of St. Paula Frasinetti and Carmelite Missionary (CM) in Brgy. Pasong Tamo gathered at the CM Novitiate Formation House in Centerville Subdivision for the annual Communio on February 1st. The evening began with Holy Mass celebrated by Fr. Charlton Viray, SdC. An icebreaker activity followed. Games were played to warm the occasion. There were bao racing (coconut husk racing), cup stacking, word making/puzzling (CHRISTO) and song singing with the lyrics of Lord, Jesus and Faith. Presentations were also given by the different religious congregations; the CM sisters dramatized the life of their founder through dance; their novices presented the song “One Bread, One Body;” a song and dance by the Dorothy sisters; aerobics presentation by Caritas sisters; and “Far Greater Love” was sung by the Servants of Charity brothers. Dinner was then served; followed by a movie on the life of St. Charbel Makhluf. Communio ended with a prayer program led by Sr. Socorro Garachico, CM; choosing prayer partners and exchanging candles with the words, “be a bearer of Christ’s light” in celebration of World Day for Consecrated Life.


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