Wonderful Queensland

children go to the park

children go to the parkChennai – The day of happiness, enjoyment and amusement was February 16th for nearly sixty students of the Don Guanella Evening School; they were taken to Queensland for a picnic. The previous day they were given instructions about their behavioral pattern at Queensland for safe and careful fun by Bro. Deva and the staff. Rev. Fr. Samson, Superior of DGMS, started the journey with a small prayer and, the children were divided into groups accompanied by particular brothers; especially, Dn. Sunil, Dn. Loyola and Dn. Achariyam. Upon arrival, the children were taken to different rides to participate joyfully. Younger children were accompanied to one particular area and elder students were accompanied to a different one. The most entertaining events were water games. Nearly three hours of time was spent by children in the water. They enjoyed the day to the fullest. They played in Queensland until 7.30 PM. Their faces looked sad when it was time to leave. Upon returning home safely, they thanked Fr. Provincial who, though busy with canonical visitation, gave permission for the picnic, and Fr. Samson who drove the van safely.

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