German Guanellian Commuity Increases Presence

With the arrival of Fr. Rocky Antonyraj to the first Guanellian entity at Pforzheim, the German community diversifies the field of pastoral and solidarity activities. Both confreres will dedicate their pastoral life not only to the large Italian community, but also to other immigrant groups living in our district.German Guanellian missio map.
During the past month Fr. Wieslaw, director of the Guanellian Mission, faced many new activities, contacts and assisted with the pastoral needs of the small Spanish community due to serious illness of Rev. Juan. He was requested to help the Polish mission with confessions throughout lent and preparations for the Easter feast. The district dean, B. Ihle, would like him to be ready to help St. Francis Church with confessions for groups like Croatian Catholics. On March 23rd he offered a sort of Spiritual exercises for the first time and we were suprised by the amount of believers attending. He has been well accepted by all communities.
Since his arrival in Pforzheim Fr. Rocky also began to preach and hear confessions every weekend. He has started catechesis for first communion and premarital counseling.
The Procura, through support of both confreres, will abandon administrative tasks and concentrate all efforts to seek new sources of solidarity in the Catholic and Lutheran churches. Personally I’m really happy that the preparatory work has come to an end. As the demand for financial support increases each year, I need more time to seek and activate these channels of Holy Providence.
We have been in continous contact with our best benefactors, Missio Munich and Kindermission, concerning the pending projects for Vatluru and Sivagangai. I’m very confident that by the end of March the funding for a mini-bus for the disabled children at Sivagangai will be approved. Mrs. Steiner’s last letter sounded positive. The Aids Medical Center project of Bateké was submitted to the approval commision at the end March.
Finally, we started a close cooperation with Mission Procura of our Salesian cousins and have received much precious information about approaching the Archdiocese of Cologne. Now we know on which door to knock for Project Vietnam, which Fr. Rinaldo has been preparing since his recent visit to Saigon.
All this information has convinced me to stick to my prefered activity: provider of Providence and fundraiser for the poor in the Guanellian missions.
An accessible Jesus ! 001Now we are preparing to celebrate the Easter festivity and hope to meet our Redemeer at the end. I found a significant picture on the German Salesians news of an imaginary Jesus. When I pray, I search the familiar picture of the Nazarene and I should confess that it is difficult to create our own image of God. The best way is to try everyday to discover HIM in our poor Brothers. I wish to all our readers a Happy Easter. May the Resurrected heal our wounds and bless our efforts for his Glory and service of our beloved “Patrons.”

Gero Lombardo,  German Guanellian Procura

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