Provincial Visit

Sivagangai visit 2Sivagangai – The provincial superior visits each year and each visit is a joyful and meaningful occasion for the community. This year he visited Yesuvanam on March 24th. Arriving in the morning at Don Guanella Anbagam with the local confreres, he was welcomed by the good children. Fr. Kulandaisamy, community superior, gave an introduction and welcomed Fr. Soosai and he greeted everyone. Then he celebrated the Holy Eucharist in honor of the 106th anniversary of the congregation’s profession day. In his homily he said that those who suffer with various diseases need a doctor.  Some suffer physically and some mentally. Jesus Christ is the doctor who heals everyone. St. Guanella was like a doctor for those who suffered mentally and physically and he urges us to do the same.
Sivagangai visit 1


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