Bangalore – A dozen GYM boys from Guanella Preethi Nivas and their coordinator, Fr. Adaikalam, went on a 4-day mission exposure to Thalavadi. The Guanellians minister to mentally ill patients at a mission house called “Nazareth Illam” aided by the Government. The sixty patients were brought from three different districts of Tamil Nadu. They were brought from the streets, were unattended, violent and pathetic. When the boys learned of these conditions they desired to go and offer what little service they were able. The Novices were notified of the boys’ abilities. Upon arrival, the boys with their dynamic nature began interacting with the inmates who in turn opened up to them. The boys performed dramas, dances and inspired the inmates to sing and dance. The boys served them, cleaned them and played with them. It was a fun, joyful and satisfying experience. To refresh after the mission, the boys stopped at Ooty for a picnic and to enjoy the beauty of God’s creation in the mountains and valleys. They were four unforgettable days; a time of service, fellowship, learning, admiration and fun.

Bangalore - Gym


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