A Model of Faith and Humility

3Saigon – At the beginning of January before the Vietnamese Tet New year, I went to see my Spiritual Father, F. Anton Dau SdB. He was 65 years old at the time. I have known Fr. Anton for 5 years, he has looked after me since I arrived in Vietnam. He has encouraged me in many ways. About a year and a half ago he began a battle with cancer.  When I went to see him, he was in bed. He told me that he could hardly even get up and he lost most of his hair due to Chemotherapy. He was able to hear my confession and he blessed me. After, he asked me to hear his confession. I was surprised by his humility. I was sure that God wanted to teach me more humility through this surprise. I didn’t realize that it was the last meeting that we would have. He was called by God to His eternal home on April 4th. The Servants of Charity and all the students went to pay the last tribute to him. May his soul rest in peace.

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