Blessings Abound at HKSF

Legazpi City – The Special Therapy and Education Program (STEP) held its 9th recognition exercise and blessing of the Special Learning Room(SLR) April 7, 2014. Participants in the event were the priests, children with special needs, their parents, caregivers, teachers and guests. The distinguished guest was Mr. Nick Atos, the parent of a former STEP student, Francis Atos, who is now in college. The SLR, which was funded by German Kindermission and contributions of the parents, was blessed in a simple way by Fr. Battista Omodei, SdC. Everyone then assembled in the HKSF Pavilion for the recognition program. The children put on a performance to showcase their talents. Mr. Atos praised STEP in his speech because of his son’s ability to reach college level as a result of STEP; and he encouraged the parents to believe in their children and give the teachers proper support. He invited everyone to strive for their goals. The awards were distributed to the children based on their class performance. It was a joyful family celebration.


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