Christ in the Priest


Father Benson says: “We have considered various modes in which Christ’s Friendship is made accessible to us; and have seen how it does not consist merely in an interior adherence to Him, but in an exterior recognition and an exterior welcome of Him. His Human Nature comes to us in the Sacrament of the Altar; His Divine authority comes in the Human Nature of those who compose His Church, and have a right to speak in His Name. These various characteristics of His cannot be apprehended—that is to say, Friendship with Him cannot be what He means it to be—without these further modes in which He accomplishes His Presence. And here, in His Priest, is yet another mode.”

“He dwells here on earth, speaking through the lips of His Priest, so far as that priest utters the authoritative and infallible teaching of the Mystical Body of which he is a…

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