Life is Flourishing for Latinos

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Grass Lake – The dream to begin apostolic activities among Latinos in this area once again has come true. The Guanellian Family, with a commitment to live together in the spirit of Pope Francis and our Founder who remind us to share the sufferings and hopes of those in need. The Diocesan Bishop, Earl Boyea, has blessed us, the pastor, Father Bob Roggenbuck, greeted us with gratitude and the Latinos welcomed Fr. Paul Oggioni, Fr. Satheesh, Sr. Rosemary Bell, Paco Lopez and his wife Millie and other GLM members. Their joy was immense. Youth, adults, the sick, were touched and grateful to the Lord for this new ministry to which they feel called. During the celebration they expressed their faith with prayers and songs, pledging to evangelize, promoting unity by their daily witness. There are more than 13,000 Latinos in the county; we will visit them, gather and bless them so that, all will be “el pueblo que camina, juntos como hermanos, al encuentro del Señor.”


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