Fr. Satheesh Guides Graduates

Fr. Satheesh and HVCS grads

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Grass Lake – Fr. Satheesh serves as the chaplain at Huron Valley Catholic School in Ypsilanti, MI, so he is on hand for the important events in the lives of the students. May 31st was the day that the Eighth grade class had its farewell to the school starting with the celebration of Mass. Fr. Satheesh was the main celebrant, Fr. Ed Freide of Christ the King and Fr. Labbe, the uncle of one of the graduates, were the con-celebrants. During his homily Fr. Satheesh invited the students to nurture the three F’s imperative to a happy life: faith, family and friends. He stressed that they needed to remain in that order of importance to keep life in proper balance. Mass was followed by a ceremony highlighting the talents of this great group of students.

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