A Birthday Mission

ThalavadiThalavadi – The families of Mr. Anand and Mr. Felix arrived on the pleasant morning of July 8th to enjoy the day with the mentally ill patients at Nazareth Illam, Guanella Nagar. The purpose of their visit was to give and share love that they bear from God in honor of Mr. Felix’s 50th birthday. The two families enjoyed preparing a special menu for the occasion. They also decorated the venue for the celebration. A grand and sumptuous lunch was shared with the patients and immediately they thanked God for the gift of life by celebrating Holy Mass with the community. During Holy Mass Mr. Felix thanked God for his 50 years and expressed how God blessed him throughout his life span. After lunch and Mass with the community, they spent time with the patients where they enjoyed the different talents expressed by the patients.  They expressed that “it is in giving not in receiving” one finds great joy. The community is grateful for their friendship and love.


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