Let the Ball Roll, have Fun, Enroll

guanella sports 1Cuddalore – Experience is the best teacher. In life we do many activities consciously, yet we fail to learn from them. Some say we play to win. Some say we play for fame. Some say we play for money. Besides all these views games and sports has become a indispensible part of our daily life. Sports are not only for relaxation but also to discipline oneself and build a unity among team members. “Learn while playing,” is a mantra the Guanellians have imbibed from the Salesians to bring social awareness, character building, team spirit and value formation into the lives of young people in the local area.
St. Guanella Sports Club was solemnly inaugurated on July 6th in the presence of Fr. Soosai Rathinam, the Provincial Superior, and Fr. Visuvasam, the Local Superior. The Club will be guided and organized by Fr. John Paul Britto, who gave birth this new venture. Young people who are interested in sports such as Football, Volleyball, Basketball and Shuttle Cock are welcomed to join in, free of cost. There is sufficient coaching to guide and teach the athletes.guanella sports 2


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