Time for a New Perspective

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Pforzheim – The most important dream of my long Guanellian life has become reality. Now the two first Guanellian missionaries have started a very promising apostolate and are slowly absorbing the nuances of the German mentality and behavior. Therefore they must now start their long flight with their own wings as my mission is accomplished.
During the recent visit of Vicar General Fr. Umberto Brugnoni, we had the opportunity to discuss our next targets and projects for new Guanellian adventures in the Middle East and southern Africa. Consequently, our parish priests should continue the written dialogue with our benefactors around the world, the readers of Italian and Spanish bulletins. This should be secured by Fr. Wieslaw who is presently working amongst not only the Italians but also the Polish community. I, futhermore, encouraged Fr. Rocky to start writing for the readers of our DPP in India, USA and the Far East. The procure will concentrate all activities for strategic attempts for the Guanellian charism in new countries, places where I spent time during my business career. Principally in order to open new doors and flow the increasing Guanellian priests of India, soon also from Asia and West Africa, into these activities.
With consent and eventual permission of the Catholic bishop at Abu Dhabi/Emirates we could have easy entry into this rich and tolerant country also counting on the support of a dear personal friend, Sheik Faris Al Mazroui, close relative of the Emirates ruling Sultan Bin Sayed. During our visit in Jan. 2012 we had interesting contact with the Salesian priests at Foujarah. They are the only religious, apart from the Franciscans, operating in high schools. A German humanitarian agency, the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, would support a Guanellian disabled center. In talks with Mr. Faris and resident Indian Anglican friends, we realized that there is an urgent need for such a place principally for children of the expatriates from India and the Philippines as well as for children of local parents. I have often discussed this project with Fr. Luigi, who wrote a letter last year to Bishop Paul Hinder of Abu Dhabi thanking him for his invitation!
I don’t know how long our Lord will allow me to work in His vineyard, so I invite Fr. Luigi to join me on an explorative trip to Dubai-Abu Dhabi and evaluate every possibility to seriously consider this project with a certain urgency. Meanwhile I’ll send a video of our structure in Nazareth to Mr. Faris with an invitation to visit in order to report to his cousin, the Sultan, and to the Ministry of Social Affairs.
The other very urgent project should be a visit to Mbeya to Fr. Furaha: a young, clever diocesan priest in Africa, who on his own initiative and means is guiding a disabled center and still considering becoming a Servant of Charity. I suggested that Fr. Luigi travel there personally with the assistance of my dear friend Julius Makundi at Dar es Salam. Following Fr. Furaha are other young priests wishing to join the Servants of Charity.
Finally, not an irresponsible dreamer, but with both feet on the earth I’m following projects of Africa, Philippines and now the most important one in Vietnam. Unfortunately both projects for Vatluru and Sivagangai have been denied. The first because of many discrepancies, the second because at present, Kindermission is financing other projects in North India. Our project for a minibus for the disabled at Sivagangai has been postponed until mid 2015. We’ll continue knocking on many doors for the Fr. Mimi Project at Tala /Philippines, the nutrition and PT center for children of leper parents and an efficient medical center. Therefore let us pray insistently to holy Providence and our holy Founder. I’ll personally pray in August 2014 during our stay in his chapel and ask for further assistance in our daily tasks!
Dirige me Domine per aspera ad astra: Guide me, o Lord, through all difficulties to Heaven!

Gero Lombardo,  German Guanellian Procura


One thought on “Time for a New Perspective

  1. Dear Mrs Kelly
    yr constructive and patient assistance is now giving its fruits .
    Our readers in ME and Africa are following wiht your DPP window
    and doors and windows seem to opened
    for new enthusiastic and fashinating adventures of charity in unknown countries fr
    the SdC but dreamed from our Founder at 6th August 1012 when he visited the
    marian congress in our ancient roman city Treviri Romanorum now Trier at Palatinate
    Tks also from our english readers and compliments fr your patient support
    Gero Lombardo, German Guanellian Procure

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