Toys for Disabled Tots

Manila toys 2 Manila toys 3 Manila toys 1Manila – A few weeks ago, the Philippine Toy Library donated toys for our Occupational Therapy Program. The Philippine Toy Library is a non-governmental organization started as a group of friends who came together and took on the challenge of providing the experience of play to Filipino children, especially who live in cramped and congested areas. They have the mission of transforming idle spaces in baranggays, schools, parishes into fun and educational playrooms to keep our kids off the streets. Although their focus is usually children who are in the streets, the request of Servants of Charity for some toys for children with intellectual needs has been granted. With the additional toys that we now have at our Occupational Therapy room, we are sure that our special kids will not only enjoy, but will be able to improve and develop their skills for independent living and behavior modification. Maraming Salamat po Philippine Toy Library!


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