“Well Begun is Half Done”

Bangalore GYM 2Bangalore GYM 1Bangalore – With the Blessings of the Heavenly father and prayers of our founder, on July 15th the Guanellian Lay Moment went to visit the poor and needy of the surrounding villages of Geddalahalli and Gunduthopu. With the guidance of Fr. Gnana Raj, the Superior, and Fr. Bakthis, the GLM in-charge, the GLM walked towards the needy brethren whom St. Guanella considered the treasure of his congregation and Christ as the Blessed!
They enjoyed being with the poor and to spend some time with those who say ‘I have no one’ and to know the needs and the difficulties of their daily lives. The GLM also encouraged and comforted them with fraternal dialogue and sharing their own life experiences. By the end of their visit, with hearts like the Good Samaritan, they felt that they contributed something for the welfare of suffering humanity with joy and enthusiasm.

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