A Day of Joy

day of joy thalavadiThalavadi – All the residents of Nazareth Illam were anxiously awaiting the celebration of life on August 15th. They all awoke enthusiastically to begin the day of Independence. After  breakfast the assembly was led by Bro. Pravin to ceremonially hoist the National flag. Eventually sports and games events were organized by Fr. Kannikkairaj and Bro. Pravin. It was a great occasion for everyone to display their talents in a simple way. Awards were given before lunch. The residents were than prepared in their Sunday best to go to St. Clare Monastery to pray and meditate. With singing and dancing  the residents boarded a school bus for their journey to Panahahalli. The sisters of the monastery received them joyfully and led a simple prayer thanking Our Lady of the Assumption for their health and the gift of life. They were like the holy family on pilgrimage to the great City of God, Jerusalem. After snack everyone went to a nearby school for an expo of their talents. The day ended with great joy and requests for more outings to relieve their stress.


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