He is so Cute!

out reach legazpi 2 out reach legazpi 1Legazpi – On August 23rd the residents and feeding program children had a special event organized by Getz Pharma Philippines, Inc. Nancy Joy Orpia, Product Manager, Frances Orenson, District Manager, and Ria Zuniga, the Medical Representative, shared their blessings and talents in performing dances, songs and games with the children and residents. They made the day more colorful and meaningful by serving them. The children and the residents were all smiles and laughter. The group gave toys to the children and brought food from Jollibee for everybody. During lunch, the Jollibee mascot, Jonabelle, showed his talent in dancing with the children. “He is so cute,” said Jonabelle of one of the feeding children. Hearing this, Ms. Zuniga shed tears and revealed her affection for them. In her final blessing, she left the following message “Let you not lose hope in life. I hope there are still many people who are willing to help you.” The group left Sagrada a happier place. Dios mabalos po sa indo gabos (May God return you more blessings.)


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