Birth of Guanellian Youth Movement

Chennai – The DGMS community has reached another milestone for the youth by forming a local GYM group. On September 21st about 30 interested youth from various parishes of Chennai, gathered at Don Guanella Major Seminary for the first time. The day began with half an hour of adoration. Fr. Lourduraj SdC, Youth Director, introduced GYM to the youth. Then Fr. Francis Assisi SdC gave an inspiring talk, highlighting the strengths, struggles and life realities of youth today in society. He also discussed the expectations that the family, society and church have for them. The youth were inspired and 15 of them agreed to become GYM members. In the afternoon, office bearers were elected and action plans for the coming year were drawn. As prayer unites us, the youth have decided to pray every day at 8 o’clock in the evening and a volunteer was selected to remind everyone by sending an SMS at that particular time with an intention. Many other decisions were made before Fr. Samson SdC, Community Superior, celebrated Holy Eucharist. The meeting ended after tea, and everyone said goodbye carrying the spirit of St. Guanella in their heart. Gym 7 Gym 6 Gym 5 Gym 4 Gym 3 Gym 2 GYM 1


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