Official Inauguration of ‘100th Anniversary of the Death of the Founder’

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Rome – A Seminar on “Testimoni per Conoscere il Fondatore”, introduced two loving personalities dear to the Founder; Fr. Leonardo Mazzuchi and Sr. Marcellina Bosatta. The Meeting was organized by the Center of Studies of Rome and held at St. Joseph Trionfale. There were many resource persons like Sr. Franca Vendramin, Sr. Michla Carrozzino, Fr. Bruno Capparoni and Fr. Nino Minetti. They brought out the main features of the personality of St. Guanella, those aspects that revealed his character and spirit. On the third day of the seminar, the whole Guanellian family gathered in the Basilica for the official inauguration Mass celebrated by Cardinal Joao Braz de Aviz, Prefect of the Congregation of Consecrated life. He told of his appreciation for the works of the disciples of St. Guanella around the world. The Guanellian family (Servants of Charity, DSMP and Lay Cooperators) was present for the event. We thanked God for this testimony of love and charity through the Founder.


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