Special Visitor to Guanella Preethi Nivas

Bangalore – On the pleasant morning of September 18th, Fr. Gnanaraj, Community Superior, and the confreres, residents and workers of GPN welcomed Rev. Fr. Soosai Rathinam, Provincial Superior, for a Canonical visit. The most significant event of the visit was the lighting of the lamp by Fr. Soosai and other community representatives. He followed with a spontaneous prayer, invoking the Holy Spirit to shower heavenly blessings upon us. Then he explained the core purpose of the ‚ÄúCanonical Visit,” speaking of the qualities of a healthy community life which strives to become like the family of Nazareth, which is the foundation of our Christian faith. Fr. Soosai met individually with the first and second year philosophy brothers, the community confreres and GLM members; giving them words of comfort and consolation. On his last day, Fr. Soosai presented his evaluation of the community. He said that GPN resembles the community of Como where the Founder experienced the community of fullness in his life. Though he appreciated the witness to life of our charism in Bangalore, he also gave constructive feedback to strengthen the community and its members. Then Fr. Gnanaraj conveyed a heartfelt thanks to Fr. Soosai for his fatherly presence during the visit which came to a close with his final blessing.vj1 -2 - bangalore vj1 -1 - bangalore


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