Regency Gathering at DGMS

Chennai – The first Regency Gathering was held at Don Guanella Major Seminary, October 19-20th. All the brothers arrived with eagerness to attend the program organized by Fr. Soosai Rathinam, the Provincial Superior. The First day began with prayer led by Fr. Soosai. Then in his first talk he spoke about the three dimensions and the line of action to execute the mission. In the second session he spoke about the Guanellian Educational Style in PEG. He insisted that Guanellian style is ‘the fruit of the Charism,’ the Preventive System through ‘Charity.’ Then Fr. Samson, rector of DGMS, enlightened the regents in the area of Human Dimension; insisting on self-knowledge and self-realization. On the last day Fr. Visuwasam, Provincial Councilor, spoke about St. Guanella as an educator; explaining the characteristics of Don Guanella as a pioneer in the field. Then the eight regency brothers shared their personal mission experiences. Fr. S.A Lourdu Raj arranged a Practical Mission Exposure for brothers at DGSS, where Miss Ezilarasi, the therapist, explained theories with a creative method. The gathering offered new methods to face the different challenges in different mission stations.

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