4th Classical Academy

Cuddalore – The 4th Classical Academy of the 2014–2015 year was held November 8–10th at St. Joseph’s Seminary under the leadership of Fr. Ronald (Rector of Guanella Bhavan). The academy, “Annihilation of Arts,”  was conducted by the higher secondary students. To invoke God’s presence into this event, brothers sang devotional folk songs.  They showed their love and gratitude to the chief guest, Fr. John Paul Britto, by presenting him with a shawl.  Three speeches were delivered: Bro. Idhayan (History of Arts), Bro. Kishore (How the Arts Destroy) and  Bro. Ajis (How the Arts Innovate). To further entertain the audience, Bro. Antony Paul & co. performed a colorful folk dance. Last but not least the president of the academy, Fr. Ronald, evaluated the presentations and expressed appreciation to those who participated. Giving thanks is integral to Indian culture so, Bro. Vimal, with his beautiful voice, thanked the gathering and led the community in singing the papal Anthem. sjs academy 3 sjs academy 2 sjs academy 1

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