Talent Show

Cuddalore – The Don Guanella Boys Home organized a “Multi-talented Program” for the boys on the Topic of “Nan kalla? (Am I Stone) or Sirpama? (Am I Sculpture)” The students were given various topics to display their talents like singing, Bible memorization, jokes, and solo acts. The competition was conducted according to GroupWise. After a week of preparation, the Program was presented on November 19th at DGBH. The special invitees were Rev. Fr. Achariyam, Bro. Irudayaraj and Miss Nancy. Human beings are created by God, so they are infused with creativity. But it is not always recognized.  It is our duty to help the students find their precious creativity.  Students were very delighted to participate and did their best. The most popular category was singing. One boy, who was considered Low level among the students, sang a song. The whole community was silent and surprised by his talents. Likewise, everyone has a precious talent, so keep searching and live a happy life. Prizes were awarded by the judges.

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