Theological Reflection

Chennai – On November 20th a theological reflection was led by the students of First Year theology. They presented the theme, “Pastoral Challenges in the Family,” as Pope Francis announced this to be the year of family. It was very apt to have reflections based on family in line with our pastoral theme, “Bond of Charity.” Fr. Francis, Vice-Rector of Don Guanella Major Seminary, was the chief-guest for the event. The brothers led the community to reflect upon the basic foundations of the family. They contributed the entire negative and the positive elements of family. And as religious living family life, we should have elements of the family. There was a Q&A period for the audience to clarify their doubts. During his address, Fr. Francis also shared his thoughts about family and invited everyone to contemplate “life as the Guanellian Family.” The reflection ended with the Papal anthem.   DGMS event


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