Church Renovated And Blessed

DindugalDindigul  – For the past two years the Guanellians have been working at the newly acquired parish in Kallathu Patti in the Diocese of Dindugal. Kallathu Patti is a small parish with 150 Catholic families, and is on the outskirts of Dindugal town. There is a small church and the two Guanellian priests are staying in a house donated temporarily by a local Catholic man. The existing church was dilapidated and needed some repairs. After a discussion with the locals and the province, renovation work started and was completed quickly. Rev.Fr. K.S. Arokiasamy, Diocesan Administrator, was invited to bless the renovated Church. The Procurator of the Diocese, neighboring parish priests and religious sisters participated in the Holy Mass on December 26. It was a blessing that the Administrator of the Diocese took the opportunity to thank our congregation for the work being done among the faithful.


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