Guanellians at Pope Francis’ Mass

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Manila – The concluding mass of Pope Francis’ visit to the Philippines was held on January 18th, and was a great opportunity for us to see the pope in person. Eight of our special children, seven seminarians and three priests joined the concluding celebration. Pope Francis’ visit gave hope to the Philippines on a rainy day caused by a typhoon, yet no storm could keep us from attending the closing Mass. Many Filipinos showed their faith and made personal sacrifices to witness this event. We spent many long hours waiting in a downpour with our eight loving special children who never complained, and were given a special place in front of the stage with other groups caring for persons with disabilities.
The cold and hunger left us upon the arrival of the Pope, and everything turned to joy. The Papal mass was celebrated solemnly, and all people near and far participated in singing and responding during the mass. The whole assembly received the grace of God through the presence of Pope Francis, and it was an unforgettable once in a lifetime experience.


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