Feast of Our Lady of Periyanayagi

Kumbakonam – January18th was the Parish celebration of the Feast of Our Lady of Periyanayagi at the substation in Perumpandy. It began with a flag raising and solemn Mass celebrated by Rev. Fr. Kuriakose, SdC. During the nine days of novena, a Rosary and Holy Mass were celebrated by several priests from the diocese of Kumbakonam. Every day during the homily, they shared their reflections on Mother Mary and her virtues.
With the help of our sisters, three ANBIAMS animated the Holy Mass during three days of the novena in a meaningful way. From January 19 – 24th, the following the priests celebrated the Novena Mass; Fr. Karunakaran, Fr. Devadoss, Fr. Bosco, Fr. Suvakin, Fr. Gnanapragasm and Fr. Pushparaj. Rev. Fr. Henry Pushpa Raj, Director – Pastoral Center, Kumbakonam, presided over the final Mass on January 25th, and blessed the car procession following Mass.
This car carrying the statue of Our Lady of Periyanayagi, was driven through the streets of our substations. The following day, Fr. Bosco celebrated the feast day Mass and lowered the flag, marking the end of the celebration. The guidance of our parish priests and tireless sweat of the village leaders made this a successful celebration, bringing us the intercession of Our Lady of Periyanayagi and the grace of her Son, our Lord Jesus Christ.


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