Formators Meeting

Bangalore – The Formatters of the Indian communities gathered at Guanella Preethi Nivas for meetings January 21-22nd focusing on the Human Dimension of the individual candidates. Fr. Soosai Rathinam, Provincial Superior, Fr. Samson, Rector of Don Guanella Major Seminary, and Fr. Amalorpavanathan, Vice-Rector of St. Joseph’s Minor Seminary, spoke on different themes; The Importance of Human Formation, Graded Formation and Challenges and Ways of Facing the Human Issues. In his presentation, Fr. Amal also added his ideas about formators in the vision of St. Guanella. Group discussions reflected on the questionnaire for graded formation. Two core values were derived from each dimension (human, spiritual, intellectual and charismatic dimension) which are to be essentially practiced at the outset of formation. The outcome of this meeting was meaningful discussions on network among the formators at different levels emphasizing among the unity among the formators and the importance of confidentiality among the confreres. Responding the call of the Superior General and his council to acculturate the Ratio in the local context, the gathered formators have proposed to publish a booklet entitled “Formative Directory of Provinces for India”. Form II (2) Form II (1)

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