Guanellian Cooperators and Special Children Blessed by Pope

Manila – During the visit of Pope Francis in Manila, four tickets were given to our community to participate in the gathering with families at the Mall of Asia Arena. Two of our active Cooperators, Jun Hizon and Sonya Pilarta were given the chance to attend this gathering because of our resident persons with disabilities; Tommy and John Paul. Because of his wheelchair, John Paul was placed in front with his companion, Jun Hizon. To their surprise, when the Pope arrived, they were greeted personally by the Pope. John Paul was blessed and touched by Pope Francis on his head and Jun kissed the ring of Pope Francis. Jun said: “My having been blessed to have kissed the ring of Pope Francis is an experience I will cherish forever. I was so overwhelmed at seeing his kind, serene and gentle face that I was not able to say a word of thanks for his blessings to John Paul and me. While awaiting his arrival I said to myself that given the opportunity I will kiss the ring of Pope Francis, and Divine Providence intervened.”John Paul 01 Cooperator with Pope

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