Powerlessness Became the Most Powerful!

We are in the season of “grace” and a time to return to the Father to have a change of heart and life. St. Paul’s letter to the Philippines 7:2 portrays the Kenosis of Christ “who emptied Himself.”  “He saved others; himself he cannot?” (Mt 27:42) and this is a question that is repeated in the words of the elders.
Jesus did not engage Himself to gather a band of supporters who would raise slogans in favor of Him as the politicians do. The “power” of the devil of this world is self-centeredness, greed, domination, oppression and enslavement. Therefore “powerlessness” became the most powerful instrument to destroy the satanic kingdom in the   life of Jesus.
Throughout the life of Father Guanella, he underwent numerous sufferings, physical pain, and moral pain and he himself expressed: “I never thought that I was going to live to suffer so much!” But he took it as stepping stones for his foundations and a means to achieve personal sanctification. In fact, he exhorts us “More foundations, voluntary sacrifices!”
Jesus did not take advantage of His divinity, but emptied Himself, living out the existence of a slave. Henceforth, power for Him was a “self-offering” and “life- giving” response. As we are journeying with Jesus who became “an object” and “life-less” accepting all sorts of insults, hardships, and disdain during His passion and death, let us have a steadfast, merciful and attentive heart to become like Him.
As the Feast of St. Joseph, who is the best example to bear the mysteries of suffering when uncertainties drew closer to him and there was no sound of complaint but there remained a “silent man,” is fast approaching, may he give us his strength to bear our suffering patiently.
Fr. Soosai Rathinam

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