A Special Day for All

Manila – The month of February is made significant by Valentine’s Day. Others would call it Heart’s Day or in Filipino terms, “ Maligayang Araw ng mga Puso.” Everybody prepared special presents for their loved ones. Even simple thoughts and gifts can turn out to be a meaningful expression of true love. This is how I can describe our celebration in Servants of Charity. On this day, we all felt LOVE in the air. Everybody wore red shirts and were very happy with flowers, hearts and sweets. Fr. David Anburaj, SdC, started the program with a message and prayer. His message posed a question, “Is Valentines merely for lovers?” His answer was, “Valentines is for all who have the capacity to love; couples, parents, grandparents, children, brothers, sisters and friends. This day becomes better when shared with family, loved ones and friends.” ???????????????????????????????
The celebration included games and a photo booth for the kids and parents. Booths for dedication, dating and marriage offered information to kids, parents, staff and PT interns. The matching of hearts program was very entertaining. Danny Lonzaga was named King of Hearts and Renem Quacito Queen of Hearts,  Valentine Sweethearts 2015, to end the day’s program. ???????????????????????????????


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