GLM Gives Bread and the Lord

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Chennai – To make Lent meaningful, the GLM of Bangalore volunteered at a Guanellian Mission house, “Don Guanella Special School.” With a firm purpose five members journeyed to Chennai on March 13th and were overwhelmed by the enthusiastic welcome by the staff and good children.
While the children had a dental visit, GLM members were given an orientation about the school and children by Fr. Lourduraj, the Director. He offered a brief overview and time to meet the teachers, some students and their parents before celebrating Mass. It was an amazing spiritual experience praying with the Divine Presence of Lord. That afternoon a family had gathered at the school for a birthday party and to offer nutritious food for the children, which the GLM members helped to serve. The GLM was anxious to see the activities of the school since it was recently recognized by the Government. The members spread to different classrooms, each one learning something from the children and witnessing the great compassion and love the teachers display for the kids. The children revealed great knowledge and talent hidden from beholders eyes  by their disabilities. The affection shared by the children was genuine and  so rare in this artificial world. Fr. Lourduraj suggested that the GLM donate a sewing machine to the school, so through their monthly collection the GLM was able to present the machine. It will surely be of great use for the School. Their mission will continue beyond the Lenten experience; the GLM offered to streamline procedures and create backup documents to avoid any uncertainties. Father Soosai was very happy with work of the GLM. And the group was very happy to realize a defined role. The founder viewed the GLM as the third wing of the congregation.


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