Jesus Among the Poor

1345512196T2pG5AAgManila – The postulants of the Servants of Charity: John Baptist Nguyen (Vietnam), Mark Lanuza (Legazpi), Jhonnel Aguilar (Cam. Norte) and Christian Magdaong (Daraga, Albay) had their exposure to the depressed area and leprosarium at Tala, Caloocan City. They stayed for almost a week with the poor families. During the day they worked in Dr. Jose Rodriguez Memorial Hospital with Hansen’s (leprosy) patients.  Before immersing themselves with the patients they feared that they might contract the disease. They were given a brief orientation regarding Hansen’s disease.  They were informed that it is no longer contagious unless the patient hasn’t been treated. Long-term exposure is necessary before contracting the disease from patients. Their fear was converted to the desire to serve the patients. They made the patients feel special. Nobody is left alone for everybody is somebody. The seminarians were able to become hands for those without them, feet to the paralyzed, eyes to the blind and ears to the deaf. They even shared their joy through singing, dancing, sharing experiences and praying.
During the night they went to their ‘foster parents.’ In just the few days of their stay with these poor families the seminarians were able to truly witness the poverty in which families live. They heard a many stories that helped them understand what it means to be poor. They realized rich people worry about the taste of the food while poor people worry if they will have something for their children to eat.
The families and the patients were filled with joy because of their presence; but the seminarians learned a lot that they will carry in their hearts and that cannot be measured by anything else. They were so grateful for the opportunity to go to the peripheries where the poor are; where Jesus is.


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