Guanellian Co-operators Born in India

Bangalore-GLMBangalore – May 30th is a day that will be remembered in the history of the Guanellian community in India; the third branch of the Guanellian community was formed when eight Lay Members professed their promises to become Guanellian Co-operators. These people have spent at least three years in the Guanellian Lay Movement, they know the charism of our Founder and had formation according to the statutes of the Guanellian cooperators. Upon their written request to the Provincial Superior, they were accepted based on their spirituality, Guanellian Charism and concern for the downtrodden and marginalized in society.
Fr. Kolandai accepted their promises on behalf of the congregation. During his homily, he encouraged the Co-operators to continue their mission activities and make Christ the focal point of their lives. Please pray for them as they continue in the GLM: Mr. Domnic Tilak, Miss Stella Mary John. Miss Emaculate Mary, Mr. Jayaraj Anthony, Mr. Anthony Dcunha, Mrs Janet Arana, Mr. Peter Arana, Mr. Abel.

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