New Students at the School of Holiness

Bangalore-novicesBangalore – The Guanella Preethi Nivas community was glad to welcome three postulants into the novitiate on May 30th. The entrance ceremony was part of the Holy Eucharistic Celebration. With innocence in heart and words, the postulants expressed their deliberate desire to enter into the school of holiness in order to learn more about their vocation and the charism of the Institute. Their petition was accepted and they were officially welcomed by Fr. Kulandai – the Provincial delegate who gave them the Holy cross and the Constitutions & Regulations of our congregation. Fr. Kulandai in his homily advised the novices about the importance and the need of novitiate life to live out the religious life. Novices Jerome, Philomin and Yesu Babu were congratulated by all the confreres, sisters and GLM members. Finally they were entrusted to the direction of Fr. Adaikalam, the Novice Master. The novices were filled with happiness for the brave decision to follow the Lord more closely.


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