Liturgy Commission Meeting

Tindivanam – There will be an annual meeting of the triple Commission in TNBCLC where the diocesan secretaries, seminary professors and special invitees will be present to discuss and plan for the future with regard to the Bible, Catechetics and Liturgy. At the invitation of Fr. Rolington, the regional Secretary of the Tamil Nadu Liturgy Commission, Fr. K. Maria Paulraj represented the Divine Providence Province. The Liturgy Commission meeting was held on June 19th and being the year of Religious Life, many Consecrated Religious, both men and women, participated.    The chairman of the Commission, Most. Rev. Bishop Jude Paulraj and the regional secretary organized this meeting. In his inaugural address Fr. Alphonse, director of TNBCLC said that the liturgy should become our life. Bishop Jude stated in his presidential address that it is only Eucharist which gives meaning to our life, whether we are priests, religious or lay people. According to him, sacrament is an encountering with Christ.
The national secretary, Rev. Fr. Iyres, presented a paper on the meeting’s theme, “Role of Religious in the Liturgy.” He spoke from his experience also listing various liturgical abuses. He conveyed that liturgy should start from the inside. The worship space should be sacred, with solemn simplicity. He insisted on the observation of the liturgical norms and liturgical training.
Fr. K. Maria Paulraj was able to comprehend the importance of liturgical norms and their abuses; initiatives of diocesan liturgical commissions, importance of new Tamil Missal, and liturgical formation throughout seminary training. Tindivanam - liturgy comm 2 Tindivanam - liturgy comm 1

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