The New ‘Family of Nazareth’

Thalavadi  – There are many things happening at Nazareth Illam and with the construction of the new house, an innovation has taken place in the members of the community. June 10th was the joyful day in which the house of love and holiness welcomed Fr. Lawrence, the new administrator and director of Nazareth Illam. The house also was happy with the presence of Fr. Kulandai and Fr. Arputha Raj, the special guests. In the presence of Fr. Kulandai, the Provincial representative, Fr. Benson, former administrator, and Fr. Ligory, former director, passed their responsibilities to Fr. Lawrence. The community also received with joy Fr. Achariyam as a collaborator on June 23rd. Thus the new ‘family of Nazareth’ has begun its journey on the path of holiness.

Thalavadi - new confreres


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