A Man without Education is a like a Building without a Foundation!

Chennai – With the Blessings of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Don Guanella Evening School had its inaugural function on June 12th. The event began with an angelic prayer dance by the little girls of the school. The chief guests, Rev. Fr. Soosai Rathinam and Rev. Fr. Samson, were welcomed by the charming smiles and applause of the children. The program continued with colorful dances and melodious songs of the children, who exhibited their talents with full enthusiasm. In his presidential address Fr. Soosai Rathinam spoke about the motive of the Evening School program and asked the children be mindful of their studies, strive hard to achieve their goals in their daily lives and be prepared to face the challenges of this competitive world. He also explained the importance of the Guanellian education; education not only as a matter of the mind but also a matter of the heart. And the Guanellian education should be comprised of three essential elements: the teachings of spirituality, morality and intellectual capabilities. He thanked the staff for their generous service to the students for the previous academic year and warmly welcomed the staff and Bro. Vijay to lead the new academic year in a successful manner. Notebooks were distributed to the children by the chief guests and they also enjoyed snacks. The program ended with a hymn to St. Guanella.

Chennai - Evening School 2 Chennai - Evening School 1


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