Recollection for Laity

Cuddalore  – The Guanellian Family organized a Spiritual Recollection for the Laity on June 21st. Parishioners of Cuddalore and Kumbakonam, as well as girls staying at the Convent participated.  Rev. Fr. Visuwasam opened with a formal welcome and Fr. Maria Paulraj followed with a short prayer service.
Fr. Francis presented reflections on the theme: “Paternity of Don Guanella – Abba Experience.” What is our idea of God? Many people think of sin and conscience, whereas St. Guanella had a different God experience. He used four verbs found in the Eucharistic Celebration.
1. Take – Jesus is the bread…what we need to take today in our society, in our experience with God. We are also called, chosen ones, beloved sons and daughters of God.
2. Bless –Bless others and be blessed by them.
3. Break –We want to be blessed, but sometimes we don’t want to break ourselves for others as Jesus broke himself for us. In his brokenness and abandonment during his exile at Olmo, St. Guanella meditated and contemplated on God and experienced God as Father
4. Give – Jesus who gives His own Body for others.
After he experienced God as Father, Don Guanella looks at the weaker state of humanity with love and charity. We need not do greater things, but ordinary gestures of love can transform humanity.
After the reflections of Fr. Francis, everyone gathered at the Chapel for Adoration and the Sacrament of  Reconciliation, followed by Mass, in which Fr. Maria Paulraj’s homily highlighted the importance of our faith in God who is with us in our difficulties, problems and brokenness. After Mass, everyone shared a simple meal and headed home.

Cuddalore - Laity recollect 3 Cuddalore - Laity recollect 2 Cuddalore - Laity recollect 1


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