“To Be Faithful” Lk 12,41-48

To prepare for their priestly ordination on August 22, 2015, the candidates have written a request for your prayers. Please watch for all 8 of them in the coming days.

I thank my true Savior Jesus Christ who has strengthened me, inspired me and motivated me to be faithful, sincere and committed to His call in spite of my weaknesses and difficulties. I thank God for His abundant blessings and guidance. I cannot forget the encouragement, support and guidance that I have received from you Fathers. Faithful Father, Jesus the Lord, O Holy Spirit, Triune God. I praise you. You are eternally faithful. For Your gifts and Your calling are irrevocable. As I have received a special calling both the royal and ministerial priesthood, bless me that I remain faithful to You and to our brethren till the end of my life. As salt and light of the world may I radiate the energy of love to live in your faithfulness with one another. In advance thank you for making me and make me “To be faithful to Him.”                                     Deacon Stalin


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