“You Are Mine” Is 43,18

To prepare for their priestly ordination on August 22, 2015, the candidates have written a request for your prayers. Please watch for all 8 of them in the coming days.

Dn  RisharDear Friends in Jesus Christ,
Israelites were the people of Yahweh, because He formed them as a compassionate shepherd forms his tender sheepfold. He redeemed them out of His best love and compassion; more particularly he designated them as His own. The same tender love and paternal care of our loving Father, I too experience through my personal encounter with God. He has redeemed me with His precious body and blood and called me to be His own through Guanellian service. It is so encouraging to realize that God loves me this way. It is a fortunate privilege to be called by God, to walk with Him and to continue His works of mercy to all especially to those who are in most need. Hence I solicit your powerful prayers that He may lead me to recognize Him in the persons beside me.
Deacon Rishar


2 thoughts on ““You Are Mine” Is 43,18

    1. JMJ
      Dear Grant,
      Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers. It is a very exciting time to give yourself completely in service to God as a priest in His Holy Catholic Church.May you be blessed abundantly.

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