Education Can Change the World

Chennai  – On July 11th, the parents gathered for a meeting organized by Bro. Vijay and the staff of Don Guanella Evening School. The chief guest was Fr. Prakesh from DGMS. He was warmly welcomed and had a good chat with the parents and children with whom he was already very familiar from his days at DGES. The message in his address was that “Education is a dynamic weapon in the changing world and this challenging society. Education helps people emerge from the stagnating circle of poverty.” Further he added that one should not study just for the sake of earning money, but also to improve one’s knowledge every day in a better way. Addressing the parents, he said that the family plays a vital role in the bright future of the students. He even advised the students not to be consumed by digital media, especially tv, cell phones, and the internet; encouraging them to play every day to relieve stress and be refreshed for studying. Towards the culmination of the meeting he gave some guidelines to the parents on handling the children. After tea, the event concluded with a short prayer by Fr. Prakash.Chennai - parents 2 Chennai - parents 1


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