“To Do Thy Will” Jn 4,34

To prepare for their priestly ordination on August 22, 2015, the candidates have written a request for your prayers. Please look for all 8 of them in the archives.

Dn  AmalJesus our Lord and Master came to this world “To Do the Will of the Father (Jn; 4:34)” that is ‘To preach the Good News to the poor, to free prisoners and those treated badly, to heal the blind, and to announce the Year of the Lord and His Grace (Lk: 4:16); On the whole ‘to Save the World through his human Personification of God’s Eternal Love for humanity. Jesus fulfilled this Holy task at the expense of His sacrificial life on Mount Calvary. In the same way, our holy Founder St. Guanella with his extra-ordinary example of sanctity and charity lived the Gospel and served humanity. He did everything to understand and carryout the Will of God (Cons. 16). Through this he became like Jesus to everyone in need. With the same spirit of Jesus and the service of St. Guanella, I too willingly offer my total self as a humble Servant of Charity (Guanellian) to the Lord. My offering and dedication to the Lord is based on the following foundations, “To Do the WILL of God and to Personify His Divine, Eternal Love to all especially to those who say ‘I have no one’.” For this, I invoke the merciful bounty of the Holy Trinity, intercession of Our Lady, Mother of Divine Providence, St. Joseph and St. Guanella and all your blessings. So that I can bring to fulfillment my offering as a Guanellian Priest in our Congregation “The Servants of Charity”. With sincere reverence and gratitude I show my gesture of love and prayer to all who accompany me in this journey of holiness. May the name of the Lord be glorified! Thanks!                                    With Love, Deacon Amalraj


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