Cell Phone Usage Training

Cuddalore – Don Guanella Boys Home solemnly inaugurated the Tamil Academy on July 14th with a cell phone usage theme. The invited chief guests were Mrs. Annammal (Head of the Tamil Department of St. Joseph’s College) and Mrs. Susitra from the same faculty. Three students spoke on history of the cell phone, positive outlook and negative outlook of cell phone usage. Mrs. Annammal spoke from experience of how the usage of cell phones can break the relationship between parents and children. Mrs. Susitra elaborated the positive and negative aspects of using cell phones. All inventions are meant for human purpose and progress; benefits depend on how they are used and what can be gained. She illustrated this with the example of using a knife for cutting food yet the same knife can be used for murder. All the students participated, gave performances and celebrated the birthday of Raja. Fr. George, DGBH Director, thanked and encouraged everyone. Fr. Visuvasam gave a final blessing to end the program. Cuddalore - Tamil Academy  4 Cuddalore - Tamil Academy  3 Cuddalore - Tamil Academy  2 Cuddalore - Tamil Academy  1


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