German Pilgrims Prepare for Trip to Rome

IMG_20150808_0001Pforzheim – Our long silence has occured because of numerous engagements. We have worked extensively on the publication of the first pocket book about the Life, Works and Apostolate of our holy Founder, and we have also been maintaining contacts with our donors in Munich (Missio), as well as Kindermission (at Aachen) and the Bishop‘s Office in Cologne. Our last visit there was in the spring of 2010. We have also assisted in the step-by-step growth of our Guanellian Mission among our Italian believers and immigrants. Both confreres have made enormous progress in their integration in the eccesial context. Fr. Baniak continues his pastoral work for the Italian Mission and at the same time offers his assistance to the Polish community. Meanwhile, Fr. Rocky is now also an expert in German preaching and liturgy.
At present we are organizing a pilgrimage to Rome, where with 10 German friends, we shall attend the International Lay Guanellian meeting and participate in a special Papal audience on November 12, 2015. This is the second pilgrimage organized by our small procura. During the special meeting with Pope Francis, our delegation will hand a small gift to His Holiness in the form of a Black Forest clock; wishing him every morning in German, “Good Morning your Holiness Francis, have a good day.  Now it is 8:30 and time for your breakfast!” Mother Simone Burger, the Mother General of the Sisters of St. Trudpert, who have represented the German Pious Union since Janaury 1920, will also greet Pope Francis on that day.  They will hand over a special chart showing the 100 year connection between our Guanellian congregations and their St. Josef Confraternity. This was one of the gifts which our Founder left to the Church and to Christianity.Gero w-sisters of st joseph
After this emotional meeting with the Pope and my old seminary friends, I’ll provide you with  a new article and eventually some nice pictures. This event will of course, crown my Guanellian existence which began in Rome on August 8, 1949 and ended on September 12, 1960 at the gate of Barza. It was only for a short while, because since 1980 I have returned to my old roots, and I’m happy to continue to offer my worldwide experience. This will be the layout of the second bridge of an ideal Rainbow and a signal of the beginning of a gradual withdrawal. Therefore I greet all of our readers in the different corners of the Province, and wish constance, dedication and deep love to my unknown brothers. They are our real angels and the best gifts from our Merciful Father in Heaven. Hopefully, we may bring our contribution to the New Evangelization era, and be a small stone in the colorful Guanellian mosaic. May the Lord accompany all of us on this path with his Love, Grace and the protection of our Patroness, Blessed Mary of Divine Providence.
Gero Lombardo, Guanellian Layman since 1948.


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